Legends Weekly Entertainment

Every Tues & Weds Night we have everyone’s favorite Trivia. Questions are all over the board with no rhyme or reason. But if you win your team receives a round of free drinks or shots and whatever prizes we may have that night, could even be tickets to the Wild, Wolves or a concert.

Fri and Sat’s we have one of the best DJ’s in the city spinning the 1’s and 2’s in DJ Gus. He is playing all of the classic hip hop records ever made along with all of the current top 40, country and the best 80’s hair band ballads you could ever think of to sing along and dance to. And never hesitate to make your request for you favorite song either, he takes request all night long.

Come visit us for any of your favorite nights of partying at Legends – “Big City Excitement, Small Town Atmosphere”